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TikTok har kåret BEYOND11 til Nordens "Greatest Performance"


Beyond11 | GirlTalk and Rødovre Centrum

Making a difference with measurable results

The "Greatest Performance" award recognises great creative work with measurable impact and focuses on brands that have used TikTok to achieve their performance goals.

During COVID-19, young people in Denmark were under a lot of pressure, especially young girls who were having a difficult time with their mental health. To reach these girls and be able to help them, BEYOND11 used TikTok in a native and relevant way, utilising TikTok trends and volunteers from GirlTalk, to focus on authenticity and presence as well as diminish the distance between the girls and the help offered by GirlTalk. Spark Ads were also an important part of reaching the target group and exposing the content more than once, allowing GirlTalk to stay front of mind.

And the results speak were incredible. The campaign reached 600% of the target group in Denmark with an engagement rate of 2,16%. But more than that, the campaign doubled the amount of approaches from girls and young women to GirlTalk during the campaign period, and 40% of the enquiries came from TikTok during the first week. Thereafter, the number of enquiries increased by 25%.

The Jury:

"Many brands have been tested the last few years on their tenacity and bravery to embrace new digital cultures and platforms. What really spoke to the jury is not just about the hard KPIs but also that the brand could prove that they’ve shifted culture and made a change for the better in their community but also for society. Because no one should feel alone, there is always someone to talk to, and the more open we are about these conversations - more young women will find ways to get the help they deserve."

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